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Provocations (Reggio)

Preschool art - drawing on mirrors -ooh the possibilities if you do this outside the children could paint this tree and really focus on colours etc

Nature items to explore, presented as beautifully as ever by Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

Simple Small Worlds: Farm World from Fun at Home with Kids

Simple Small Worlds: Farm World

An invitation to explore, discover and learn...

Provocations Math- Measurement & Weight (Reggio)

Playsets For The Imagination - Homemade Rainbows Shop

Provocations (Reggio) Patterns

Provocations (Reggio) We found a cocoon! As the day went on 3 green worms wiggled out!

Provocations (Reggio) Plant Drawings Stage 1

Provocations (Reggio) The Letter R,r

Provocations (Reggio)

Provocations (Reggio)