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Sophie-Marie de Merteuil

Sophie-Marie de Merteuil Addicted to chocolate, cats, sushi, very high heels, black and white movies, opera, 19th century French literature, crochet and more...

"Of all the things God created, from sunrises and rainbows, to black holes and humor, cats are the most fascinating to me." --Jarod Kintz

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Here kitty kitty

Drop dead gorgeous strapless 1950’s party dress in breathtaking white lace, with silver metallic tulle. No maker label.

Harry Potter

  • Evangeline Meadows

    Oh, he's written many more than just those 4 books. By the way, old mysterious wizard mentors, giant spiders, an orphan with an awkward yet brave and loyal best friend, trolls, etc. *do* sound a little familiar. (:

  • Evangeline Meadows

    Not to mention the villain trying to reform through the entire story only to be thwarted with the very object he placed his soul in...

  • Evangeline Meadows

    Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter just as much as the next bookworm, I just don't think it will ever amount to Tolkien's works.

  • Chloe Foxe

    Well, things may be similar in both LOTR and Harry Potter, but it's how both brilliant writers added their imagination and wrote their own story. Harry Potter does have spiders, a wise wizard, a troll, and a lot of things just like LOTR. But that doesn't mean that JK Rowling's story was not as good. It's how she saw the magical creatures and portrayed them in her book that makes her-(and any other writer)-different. Both Tolkien and Rowling have wonderful stories everyone can enjoy.

  • Jackie Simcik

    Well said @ChloeFoxe.

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