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devil's rejects

galaxy express three-nine. #anime, #movie, #cartoon, #animation

another awesome book with beautiful illustrations. #fairies,#fairies,#elves

loved to draw dragons inspired by these illustrations. #dragons

this book was terrifying, #ghosts

the last unicorn: 'i can never regret; i can feel sorrow, but it's not the same thing'.

a favorite for sure

killer album

alice in chains: music bank

Robbins has stated in numerous interviews that in this book he was trying to deal with contradiction. But rather than eschewing his contradictory nature, as is typical Western practice, Switters embraces it. He's a CIA agent who hates the government. He's a pacifist who carries a gun. He's as much in love with his seventeen-year-old stepsister as he is with a forty-six-year-old nun. Switters feels that the core of the universe, the heart of existence, is light and dark existing together. One is not separate from the other, they just exist. This is the core of "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates", along with an interest in the Lady of Fatima and a squawking parrot.