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Sight Word Games and Ideas

call out sight word, child parks car in that spot.

Money and Sight Words- When students get the sight word correct they get to add it to their piggy bank. GREAT way to practice sight words and counting money!

Sight Word Connect Four - put sticky dots with letters on, on the counters. Great idea! (",)

Spaghetti sight words. STudents take turns pulling out a sight word, write it on their paper then taking yarn spaghetti to form the word

iPad Spelling - write spelling words on top and "text" them at the bottom.

Printable Sight Word Games

Sight Word Practice - Typing... On the one I created I left more space above the keyboard for the "monitor". I have my kids practice this in 3 ways: 1- Pick a card and say the word 2- Type the word and spell it out loud 3- Write the word on their "monitor"

Sight Word Games: Looking for a fun way to practice sight words? Write a different sight word on each foam square. Then, put them all in a bag. Pair up the students and have them take turns picking a foam square out of the bag. If they can read the sight word that's on the square they get to keep it and add it to their stack. With each word they get their stack grows. If their stack of foam squares topples over they have to put them back in the bag (the stacks usually don't fall over until they get past 10 squares-so make a lot of words for this game!).

Printable Sight Word Games