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Oooooooh...Filofax crammed full of awesomeness!! So purdy!

Filofax Love - oh shoot

Blackhead removal! Mix lemon juice and baking soda until you have a paste, apply, and wait until it's dry!

Lawyer-ed? ...ish.

This is the truth!! Almost a week since I've shaved and I have stubble is at a minimum. Lifesaver!! Ladies: put down the shaving creams and gels, use baby oil gel. It will change your shave game.

12 preplanned, prepaid date nights - one for each month. This is probably one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts I have ever heard of.

Yes, overall.. i'm that silly and still proud.

Need to bling this baby! You Can't Scare Me...Step-Mom Shirt

Have no fear... The Step-Mom is here!

How to be a calm parent -- even when challenging times strike! Everyday things any parent can do to calm down, find their center and respond with love not anger.

instead of darker only in corner, do darker along lashline