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How to escape zip ties and other useful information

Claire Pettibone Bridal '12 Campaign

Nov. 12, 1939: This photo, published shortly after the start of the Second World War, ran with this caption: “The Winged Victory of Samothrace, another great achievement of the ancient Greek sculptors, packed for removal in accordance with plans for its protection formulated far in advance of the war.” A 2009 exhibition at the Louvre showed photos documenting how art was relocated for safety during wartime. Photo: The New York Times Makes me smile and think of my mother.

drawing by cesar del valle. There are a lot of days that I feel exactly like this.

I need a guide: cesar del valle

i dont care about a picture of me, as long as i have a picture like this

Using trash bags, unused grocery bags and plastic sheets, Pakistani artist Khalil Chishtee creates life-sized figures wracked with emotion. He uses these materials as a metaphor for "recycling our identities" or braving the problems of life.