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In my head...

i'm hard to understand (some people say) but,they really don't know me...they haven't taken the time to look deeper to see into my heart...when they do see my heart, they'll understand the only walls that i've built are walls of love and grace...there's a door before them, they're afraid to open it...if they'd come in & stay awhile, they'd see, it's really their walls that need to come down...b/c walls of love & grace are wide open for anyone to step into... jus' sayin' <3 jlm

a good reminder!

OMG! I AM SOOO RIGHT BRAIN!!lol Left brain:I am the left brain.I am a scientist.A mathematician.I love the familiar.I categorize.I am accurate. Linear. Analytical.Strategic.I am practical.Always in control.A master of words and language.Realistic.I calculate equations and play with numbers.I am order.I am logic.I know exactly who I am. Right brain: I am the right brain.I am creativity.A free spirit.I am passion. Yearning.Sensuality.I am the sound of roaring laughter.I am taste....


I Am Who I Am