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Spinning Wheel

Spinning wheel, Turin, ca. 1740-1750 (made), Piffetti, Pietro, Turned ebony and ivory, the base veneered in tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and ivory, with engraved decoration, and with walnut mouldings. Small spinning wheels and winders such as this were made in the 18th century to be used in drawing rooms.Needlework was an important element in the education of young ladies and such equipment allowed them to show off their elegant hands to admirers as they practised their skill. V Collections

Spinning wheels from Heavenly Handspinning - practical, beautiful

Spinning wheel!

Spinning wheel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

first spinning wheel for sale handmade

Colonial Linen: A Step Towards Independence- How To On Linen, From Plant(Flax) To Textile.

This spinning wheel costs significantly more than our car, but isn't it gorgeous?

Driftwood spinning wheel?! I don't know if this really works but it KNOCKED-ME-OUT!!! I just love looking at it!

VINTAGE Spinning Wheel Great Wheel 1800s by beanindustries, $150.00

dragon spinning wheel

spinning wheel

Spinning Wheel - Carl Larsson

Spinning wheel... And I want one of these

"Dragonfly Wheel" Triple Flyer, Hand carved Walnut Ultra High Speed (33:1) by Golding. A spinner's love for dragonflies was the inspiration for the creation of this wheel. Carnelian gem stones were used for the dragonfly eyes. $8,500

Elves and Shoemakers spinning wheel~~Love the red!

golding spinning wheel. Worth more than my car.

minature german spinning wheel

Replacing drive band on a spinning wheel.