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Makes me want to get married, or have a bday, or win the lottery!! Some excuse for this cake.

Gotta save my friends and defeat You-Know-Who, but first… lemme take a selfie!



LOL! Love this

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

4 Geeky Christmas Trees!

Harry Potter Nursery--ALMOST makes me want to have a baby.

Potterhead Problem #166

Potterhead Problem

Potterhead problems haha


Oh Harry Potter

10 Surprising Pop Culture Mashups That Just Work

Harry Potter weddings. I really need to get remarried.

The hubs should be glad we don't have a spare room.

A moment of silence for the poor students who were in Harry's year and only wanted a normal Hogwarts education.

you love harry potter

2 loves!!!


I love everything Harry Potter so much!!!

A wizard arrives precisely when he means to

sums it up

Snape jokes! :D

highest of fives

Is it true? Yes. Is that sad? Probably.

Harry Potter Valentines. My favorite "I'd make you into a Horcrux" ...