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Hugh Herr heads out for some relaxing rock climbing, or possibly spelunking.

Personal Robots student David Nunez talks about Nexi and social robotics in a demo.

A bestockinged Mitch Resnick gathers a group of Computer Clubhouse teens in the lobby.

Painters outside the Lab. Photo by Nathan Matias.

#MIT bunny sighting! Last seen outside the Media Lab hopping toward some shade.

Chatting with researchers on the Nautilus live expedition during #MLTalks with Joi Ito and Katy Croff Bell .

The #WorldCup brings Labbers together for some intense communal viewing in the atrium

Civic Media's Promise Tracker team shows how we hold leaders accountable for campaign promises

Inspiring visitors with a live demo of inFORM in the Tangible Media group.

Cookie delivery by #drone, via Civic Media's Matt Carroll.

Fluid Interfaces student Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury captures some LEGO fun time at the Lab.

A riveting #MLTalks with Judith Donath, Ethan Zuckerman, and Joi Ito about social and digital identity.

Meet Chibli, the newest member of the Lab's canine community!

We may be having a #LEGO overflow.

Twitter / h0pbeat: We may be having a #legooverflow ...

Celebrating our newly hooded PhDs and soon-to-be grads with an MAS reception! #MIT2014

Preparing a new exhibit in the lobby on Marvin Minksy, Muriel Cooper, and Seymour Papert.

Civic Media, something looks different. Don't tell me—did you move that table?

The low-tech business of moving a high-tech prosthesis exhibit to its new home.

An awesome low-tech birthday gift from Gershon Dublon. Can you smell the pencil shavings?

The Scratch banner has been unfurled! It must be Scratch Day eve.