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*My ArtWorks*

Hi, my name is Eva Szentgyorgyi, but you can call me Yoyo if you want. I live in London, working in a Nursery, but my occupation is Teacher of Art. I am painting, sewing and making illustrations in my free time. Thank you for visiting me, Have a lovely day, Yoyo

You and Me 2 Dolphins Nursery Art Home Decoration by YoyoArtLab, $35.00

Japanese Fashion Illustration - Digital File -Tattoo Art Once I really wanted to be a tattoo artist...and that time I have created some nice designs. This artwork was inspired by koi fish, cherry blossom, and a beautiful and strong Asian, maybe Chinese or Japanese woman. This is an original artwork by me, Yoyo. I have a shop on Etsy, called YoyoArtLab, feel free to visit it and find this item. I sell the digital file (high quality jpg file) for $8, and I sell prints for $35. Yoyo

I have been working on our background picture for our summer show. If you are thinking about getting a mural or a big size painting you can check my website where I offer murals for everybody in London and everywhere in the world (if you help me in travel ) When you send me an email, please write me this code: "Monkeys" and you get 60% off on murals of any size! Contact me by my contact form: or here on facebook.

Yummy Ice Cream Postcards - Free Shipping Worldwide! * FREE SHIPPING! I sell these on Etsy: 4 Ice Cream Postcards: Sizes: 11cmx15cm Material: High Quality - Extra Smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine, 140 lb, 300g/m You can request a custom order and I will make your ideas happen. Send me a message on Etsy to talk about the details. These are original watercolour paintings made by my heart...

It is one of the postcards of the new Ice Cream Postcard series I created by watercolour. Sizes: 11cm x 15cm Material: hot pressed high quality aquarell paper, 300g/m FREE SHIPPING worldwide! Check the others on my Etsy shop:

Yummy Ice Cream Postcards by YoyoArtLab on Etsy, $22.00 FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

Feel free to download this tutorial if you would like. It is by me and I already uploaded it to my facebook page: My Art Lessons here: feelandcreate.wor... You can join as well :)

Drawing-Painting Tutorial of Exo-Chen by pyp on deviantART

ChenExo!! inspirated Portrait by YoYomiyoko on Etsy, $17.00

My current interests - Space and Japan

TaoExo inspirated Portrait by YoYomiyoko on Etsy, $17.00

Junhyung inspirated Portrait original by YoYomiyoko on Etsy, $45.00

Frici the Fox by YoYomiyoko on Etsy, $8.00

EXO Tao Transformation 3. Postcard by YoYomiyoko on Etsy, $4.00

Exo-Tao Portrait by yoyomiyoko