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Maddie the 10 Week old Dachshund learning to ring a service bell!

This is my pre workout protein bar

I swear it wasn't me who gutted stuffie Teddy. Great face :)

Saying Goodbye to Teddy

I'm King Of The World !

You want me to do what? doxie

I see this at my house a lot :)

This is true!!!!!

"I saw the cats up here, so I thought I would try it."

Fishin' with my bro. Click to read my new post!

Bruthas From Different Muthas

"Mum? yes, you need to come home right away. I'll explain when you get here."

Homemade stairs for dachshunds - great idea!! I, personally, don't even have a dog, but can't resist sharing this great idea.

so tired

Doggies and Kitties of Sparta! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!" It is Animals versus Furniture week at VetCore. Share your stories, pics and funnies here or on our Pinterest Page and win a special gift for your best friend!

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Adorable wire-haired dachshunds, the gentlemen of the dog world.