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Melaniie Winchester
Melaniie Winchester
Melaniie Winchester

Melaniie Winchester

Parks and Recreation Season Four Episode 3: Born and Raised. "I wonder who else was born in Eagleton...Voldemort probably."

glad I'm not the only one worried about all my future cats

I was laughing so hard for so long I couldn't make any more noise, just silent laughter. This. Is. HILARIOUS!!!!

oh how i love boy meets world!

I hate seeing 13, 14 year old girls wearing stilettos and jeans that could be panty hose because they're so tight because they think it makes them look "more mature." I look at them and wonder what happened to the kid that they still are.

  • Josie Noyes

    Love Zoey!!

  • Anna Apocalypse

    ikr?! thank you Natasha i go shopping and walk into the changing room and a girl walks out showing her friend this dress and im like (thinking "here try this its a gunny sack OuO" teenage shopping is hard xD o-o

love her: jennifer lawrence

Potato soup

Period humor ...*you're

Back Massage from kids funny quote family quote family quotes parent quotes humor parent humor. What I want to know is why are they orange?

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Teaching Kids About Stocks and Investing :: PragmaticMom

  • PragmaticMom

    That is the best experience ever Match Financial! All the benefit with none of the downside!!! Did your teacher help everyone learn about stock picking too?

  • Match Financial

    Yes, and our teacher had us actually run our own store at the school (where we sold candy and other commodities) and we got to see how the stock market influenced our own business as well. Probably the class that taught me the most for real world finances.

  • PragmaticMom

    That is so awesome Match Financial! What a great program your school had. No wonder you are in the financial business!

  • Warren Whitlock

    There's wisdom here. Thanks

  • Jackie Monterroso

    We need more classes like that!!

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