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Self-Esteem Prompts for Candy Land free

Math = Love: Order of Operations (PEMDAS) Foldable and Graphic Organizer Template to Download

NEW!!! THIS IS THE BEST CALENDAR I HAVE EVER USED!!! The use of daily calendars helps review important math concepts and reinforces concepts be...

Decomposing Fractions - Improper to Mixed

Free: 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less small group activity

Mental Math changes the way your students will think and solve math! Come see a sneak peek and FREEBIE!

This is a great partner activity for students who are learning to compare and order fractions and decimals. Students are either a cop or a robber ...

Classroom Freebies: Guess the Spooky Number!

Are you looking for a creative new way to have your students practice multiplication? Try Tiling! In Tiling activities, students will use the provided "digit tiles" to place the numbers 0 - 9 to fill in the holes left in provided multiplication equations. While trying to figure out where the missing numbers go, students will work on basic facts, properties of multiplication and problem solving skills.

Sometimes kids just need a break! I would use these in my classroom, especially with younger kids. It has all different types of dances and songs that go along with them. When the kids are getting restless, I will have them stand up and do a brain break! It is fun and exciting for them!

Going out with a BANG! Last 10 days of school... each balloon has a special activity. Everyday you pop one balloon to find out what it is! (work without shoes on, eat lunch in the classroom, switch seats day, etc.)

Here's a fabulous post with all kinds of math notebook ideas/entries.

Hodges Herald: Math Journals- Geometry Unit: this is so fun! Really big impact on students if the middle angle is placed last.

This would be cool to do with your students on the first day of school and then put them up on a bulletin board.