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I'm STILL laughing at this!

She did what? - The Meta Picture

pill poppin, penis lovin satans girl. - the birth control babe - Imgur

Think about it before you get this tattoo.

Think about it before you get this tattoo.

HAHAHA!!! I can name a couple of people who would legit spend about a 100 bucks on this! Hahaha!!!!


I shouldn't pin this, but I really can't help it

How to store your flour

and the Lord sayeth onto thee...thou shall not choke belligerent customers or smacketh dumb coworkers upside the head. Amen.

Every FREAKING time! Funny Meme

717-funny-meme-27 : Jeremy's House of Funny

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Dude Looks Like A Lady

I can't stop laughing! Best Present EVER!

Unwrap me right meow

@Lauren Davison Alonzo who does this remind you of haha.......I miss that crazy lady!

Frase do dia | Shame on you, blogueira!

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