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Teaching Plate Tectonics

Teaching Plate Tectonics Ideas. Going for great active learning teaching ideas!

Oreo Plate Tectonics - Using Oreos to teach science - I probably would have been better at science and math if Oreos had been involved.

All Things Beautiful: Oreo Plate Tectonics

Layers of the Earth activities--Week 7

This Earths Crust PowerPoint Presentation has 31 slides on the following topics: The Earth's Crust, Earthquakes, Measuring Earthquakes, Mercalli vs. Richter Scale, Seismic Waves, An Earthquake's Epicenter, Earthquake Origin Time, The Earth's Layers, Earthquake Shadow Zones, Earthquake P-wave Shadow Zones, The 'Ring of Fire', Seismic Hazards, Volcanic Hazards, Continental Drift, Evidence from the Oceans, Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries, What Moves the Plates?, Hot Spots. $

Earths Crust - Earthquakes PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plan