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Tissue Paper and Empty plastic bottles: play plus fine motor strengthening, tripod grasp, defining arches of the hand, bilateral hand coordination, eye-hand coordination, colors, and FUN! By #TheSugarAunts

Sugar Aunts: Fine Motor Play with Tissue Paper

spaghetti! This looks really fun. for preschoolers and older. you layout spaghetti in trays. Let the children touch and feel the spaghetti. they can paint the spaghetti different colors. let them use their hands to mix the paint.

Spaghetti sensory play

Kid’s and Painting ~ Handprint and Footprint Poem Printable Bonanza

I am SO doing this!!! A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Seems like a lot more fun than nagging!! Awesome~

Madsens Memories....: Mom's ransom rubbage...

instead of arbitrarily giving kids an allowance. The kids can pick what they want to do and earn as much money as they choose - Dave Ramsey talks about this...very cool

GENIUS!!! an app that photographs and archives your kids' art, and then you can print a coffee table book of the collection. i'm in love!

Artkive Mobile App | Everywhere - DailyCandy

Does a boy need his mom? Yes! Sometimes more than we realize. A Dozen Ways to Reach Your Son’s Heart

A Dozen Ways to Reach Your Son’s Heart

Swimming sock fish - Option: add magnets inside sock. Have kids take turns casting magnetic poles into a hula-hoop pond to catch fish.

Fun Animal Birthday Party Themes

Write notes back forth with your child. Leave it on their bed, when they have a chance, they write back and leave it on your bed. How neat would it be to have those notes to look back on? so doing this with my Ella. she'd love it!

Mama Jenn: “Mama & Me” Journal

This is how I learned my multiplication facts and still use it to this day!!- cool finger trick to remember any multiplication fact for 6-10

Swedish Classroom Fun: Russian multiplication

I like this solution to a a child being mean to another.

What to do When Someone is Mean to Your Child

For the future. How to teach children to tell the truth.

Martial Arts - Clifton & Garfield

20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship * Great questions!

Pillow Talk - iMom

How I get my kids to clean their room: 8 simple battle strategies. Very interesting article about one moms battle to get her kids to keep their room clean, and the 8 strategies that have worked for her.

75 easy paper plate crafts for kids - complete with pictures. Should you ever need kids crafts with paper plates this post is for you!

75 Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Every Occasion! - How Wee Learn

Mothers Day kids-treats-crafts-etc

$12 Princess Bubble is a modern day fairy tale written to empower and encourage girls. Princess Bubble learns from her fairy God mother,"Living happily ever after is not about finding a prince. True Happiness is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with who you are already! Happy princesses are people who enjoy others and like themselves. Happy people give of their time to help others!"

Princess Bubble -

Sweet Christmas book

A Christmas Goodnight Giveaway... For You!

Brain boosting toddler activities

Brain-Boosting Toddler Activities

Homemade fake snow

Momma's Fun World: Make your own "Fake" sensory snow