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July 6, 1959 LIFE MAGAZINE ~ Gardner McKay on cover ~ WOW

John Fugelsang. Don't know where I have been, but I just learned of this guy. Brains and good looks--that's always hot!

Troy Donahue...and Troy was the other blonde celebrity that I thought was very handsome.

Troy Donahue Autographed Photo - Actor Autographs

Robert Redford ~ Blonde men were usually not my faves, but this one sure made the list of favorites!

JAMES DARREN aka Jimmy Darren

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER ~ at any age ! (he's aged about the best I've seen in Hollywood)

Christopher Plummer

Richard Greene ~ starred as Robinhood years ago.

Richard Greene — The Movie Database

Kevin Costner ~ I saw him in the 1980s at a little restaurant called THE ROCKY COLA CAFE in Montrose, California. He was so natural--actually somewhat shy...very handsome.

Actor DAVID JANSSEN ~ start of the 50s TV series "The Fugitive"

David Janssen ~ star of the 1950s THE FUGITIVE

Walter Pidgeon ~ One of the most manly and handsome of the 40s actors

JAMES GARNER ~ one of my top faves of all time ~ picture timeline 1964