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Something different for the front door

Easter eggs

No Dye Eggs...

Too small for a real tree

peacock Christmas stocking

For all of you who absolutely love books and have a ton to do this with. The librarian at our school made a Christmas tree out of books for the kids...very cute!

From the Toymaker's Journal. A Christmas tree made out of books.

A Christmas tree of books! I certainly have enough to do this. Next year, perhaps.

@Denise Bassham I love the Christmas trees made out of books that they had at my library. Could totally do a mini one. This is for Marcey!

Jan Hobbins made this beautiful Christmas tree out of book pages...she is so talented!!

A side view of the Christmas tree that I made out of our books. It's a good excuse to take the books off of your shelves and dust everything before you put them back...

DIY grinch ornament love it!