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You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that you want to, or you've been hurt enough that you have to. #true

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have some say in who hurts you."

this is true... You avoid hurting someone at all costs because you know how horrible it is to hurt.

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I don't want to get attached to anyone anymore - it all ends the same... #quotes #followme

This happened to me a few years ago, I didn't even notice we were growing apart until the person suddenly just left, started seeming annoyed everytime I said anything to her, then would instantly get excited as soon as one of her new friends started talking to her, even though I'd been there for her every time she needed me. I'm still not over it, I guess.

  • Dipesh patel

    That's why we called it's "LIFE"..!! Be Happy.. Be Strong and keep distance from selfish person..

  • Amira Najib

    So hard.. haih!

  • Jen

    If someone can walk out of your life that easily then they don't deserve a place in your life. My family did this to me the first time i stood up for myself. That was going on three years ago and life is so much better now. If you can come away from a relationship like that no one can ever hurt you that deeply again. It will get better! :)

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and I'm feeling tired of waiting for him..every day every week every month every year 😞😒😔

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And I don't think I can figure out how to turn it back on

I think I have resolved just to never get attached to anyone. I always seem to find a way to ruin it or mess it up or go too far. Well Im done screwing things up with the people I care most about.

I just want to get so angry at you, but it's only because I love you and I miss you and it fucking hurts. Which means I'm not even angry at all.

  • Amy Champion

    Four years ago. I was twelve.

  • Lauren Slottke

    I'm soo sorry!

  • Amy Champion

    It doesn't really make a difference if you're sorry though. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't make me feel any different.

  • Lauren Slottke

    I know. I nust want u to know that u can talk to any time.

  • Amy Champion

    In regards to your friend - they live just down the street. Go over and talk to them, ask them about church, ask them how they've been, ask them for an email address so you two can contact each other.

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This quote was taped to my dresser when I was getting over He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. This was my truth. Yet every day, I set out to prove it wrong...

  • Kelcey ♡

    I literally just started crying have way thru this. Plus the guy I'm like in love with just said he doesn't like me as much as my best friend sooooo ya ... :'(

Perfect words for right now. No matter what happens someone gets hurt. *Stmarys employees*