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Baby Girl Headbands... Baby Headband...Baby Girl Headband...Baby Headband

Would be nice for laundry room instead of throwing in one basket or in the washer to wait until the next load

Holiday Season Home

use a curved shower rod for window treatment but these are seriously so cute I love them.

use a curved shower rod for window treatment

I don't have that much wrapping paper, but it is a good idea for how to contain things on the back of a door.

Nice mudroom shelving. Like the extra shelves for baskets, etc.

How to keep your house clean with four easy daily routines! Yes, yes, and yes! I use 1, 3, and 4 on the reg, but 2 is one I should strive to utilize more often.

From a standing position you can see one outlet with a single chord. We built a track system that sits right below the desk top. It's almost like a trough that cradles all of our chords. There is a small hole that runs between both sides our desk to run chords.

Christmas window idea with window pane, red bow, silver ornaments. I think this would be a great front door wreath for a house in the desert!!! Especially with Juniper for the greenery, and a red print bandana for the bow!!

Tip: Hang drapes high and wide to make your room and your windows look larger There's nothing new about this advice. If you read decorating magazines and blogs and watch HGTV, you've heard that you should hang your curtains rods high and wide enough so that your drapes can fall gracefully on either side of the window -- without blocking the light.

10 Paint Secrets: tips & tricks you never knew about paint! Great tips!

What Makes A House A Home...i need to take this to heart!! don't wait, just do!!!

Painting interior doors black adds a richness, a warmth to your home despite color scheme. Here you can see the difference.

This is our piano painting before and after. Our piano was so beat-up from being moved so many times and it looked pretty awful. I love how it came out!

Upcycled Piano painted red! My mother in law has one and it is so neat.

I'm still obsessed with pianos painted bright colors.

Old piano, painted black and varnished.

Get a blown-up size of your favorite photo and frame with a vintage window frame! Genius!! #home #decor #photo