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Pins for family/friends <3

Lol.. only in Louisiana

Leo Tolstoy quote. @Stephanie Pinnell Taylor, do you think this explains Anna Karenina at all???

Wagwear Dog Bowl - Hungry @Stephanie Pinnell Taylor for Bobo, the hungry puppy who'll be big before we know it!

Your crazy is showing...@daniellevanzyl! Made me laugh! "You might want to tuck that back in"

  • Danielle Van Zyl glad I got on here tonight for my once a month check in....this is AWESOME! I may try to work this in to some conversation!

  • Melanie Woody

    Sounded like something you or your sweet momma would say!! Hilarious!!! I may work it into a conversation too!

@Stephanie Pinnell Taylor, can you believe they stole my idea?! Haha!!! Love this!!! 5 minutes of hand-holding for sibling conflict. If you disrespect your sibling? 5 minutes of hand-holding. If you raise your voice to your sibling? 5 minutes of hand-holding. If you make fun of your sibling? 5 minutes of hand-holding.

stay sassy gals...@Danielle Van Zyl, why do I always think of you when I see this word? :-) xo

Streeetttttcccchhhh..... @Tammy Santos Regier, just thinking about my 'kitty' friend. :)

Bob Cat. I don't know why this is funny, but I can't stop laughing. @Tammy Santos Regier

Love this idea...5 minutes of hand-holding for sibling conflict. interesting....@Stephanie Pinnell Taylor, omg...someone else had the same idea! Actually, I didn't click on to read but sounds the same. :)

@Stephanie Pinnell Taylor. Thought of you...same or similar hardware? Sophia's: Glaze Craze - Tips for Glazing Furniture

@Stephanie Pinnell Taylor... potential lunch spot some time. Pandolfi's Deli in Kansas City's Columbus Park Neighborhood. Something for everyone! Including Vegetarian AND Gluten Free ... Awesome!

Christmas 1929.... check out the size of the tree via @What I Like. @Danielle Van Zyl, looks like one of your trees!!! lol!

  • Danielle Van Zyl

    LOL...TOTALLY looks like one of my trees! Oh the memories surrounding the choosing of the Van Zyl Christmas Tree;)

@Marji Stark!! Stay safe, my friend. lol

  • Marji Stark

    Maybe I need one of these, more scary than my little mace pen! Ran by your house this a.m. :) I like that part of the trail, pretty.

  • Melanie Woody

    Scary, for sure! But it is pink...for some reason I would feel better holding a "gun" that's pink. Haha. Aw, wish I was out there to give you a hug! It really is pretty. :)

Medicine organization. i love this idea, you could store it away and still be able to find exactly what you need! @Lauren Woody & @Lindsey Woody for when you're away from home. :(