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Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students

Bill of rights song (good version)

Bill of Rights Rap - Kids would love this!

▶ Rights Rights Baby - James Madison teaches some bored students about the Bill of Rights!

Our 4th grade class could create our own "Bill of Rights" while we study the real thing during Celebrate Freedom Week.

Worksheets: Illustrate the Bill of Rights... I like the kid friendly "translation" of the language in these

Using primary sources in creating anchor charts...I always scramble for a constitution day activity...

I teach 5th grade and our social studies curriculum is U.S. History, which I LOVE!!! We integrated our U.S. History while creating our class mission statement. I helped my students understand the preamble to the Constitution and we made it work for our mission statement. Then I got a paper bag at the grocery store, wrote the mission statement on the bag, crumpled it up and then burned the edges (did that at home). Students will use my quill and ink to sign. SO fun!!!

The Preamble-Basic American History & Government 101 for politicians & members of Congress

5th grade- Constitution Preamble Quilt. We put each group in charge of one section of the preamble. They had to write it as is, rewrite it in their own words, then illustrate it's meaning.

Preamble School House Rock- I use this every year to help my kids learn the Preamble. Works every time!

BrainPOP Jr. | Local and State Governments | Lesson Ideas

This lesson, "Wanted: A Just Right Government," is designed to help students learn how the U.S. Constitution came to exist by looking at the tensions and differences of opinion that existed among early American states and citizens. Also includes a PPT presentation.

BrainPOP Jr. | Branches of Government | Lesson Ideas

Free Technology for Teachers: Interactive U.S. Constitution Games & Lessons

U.S. Government Lesson Plans & Simulations on Checks & Balances

How the US Government rolls; a nice & neat little nutshell of a lesson:--> Belinda Stutzman breaks down each branch and its constitutionally-entitled powers. TEDEd Education

American Government Lesson Plans, Powerpoints, Games, Videos, more

FREE activity: Teach about the 3 branches of government and what each branch represents, with this Three Branches of Government activity!