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tattoo ideas :)

.Mama and baby elephant tattoo I wanna find a way to make this so that my mom and i can have connecting tattoos :)

Add another baby bird and this would be perfect for my tattoo idea I have in my head.

I love this! Thanks Elysha for sending it to me!! Something close to this would look fantastic on my foot!


"she faced the storm and though the wind blew her down she spread her wings" watercolor tattoo by Melissa Valiquette... Sin City Montreal

Faith - hope - love. Except a kite instead of an anchor.

I want this so bad but pink bowl, it would bring back so much childhood memories in California growing up & being at the beach :-)

Beautiful lace quarter sleeve tattoo. So feminine. :)

Browning Heart - I need this as a printable with "Roberts Family" hubby would love it!

Browning tattoo | browning heart couple tattoo...

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a hard one

Someday I want this as a tattoo right next to my scar, because carrying a little life will be my greatest achievement

Paisley Blues ~ Tattoo ideas

Starfish Tattoo

This would be a great tattoo!

Ear Flower Tattoo - Neat idea, though if I actually chose to get a tat on my ear, it would be a bit smaller. I do love that it has a micro-dermal piercing in it.