DIY cooler air conditioner

Coleman® Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove, Camp & Blind Stoves, Outdoor Cooking, Camping : Cabela's

Horse Conformation Points I like this one because it even shows you where the stress points are when you have a horse that is over at the knee, camped out, post legged, pigeon toed, etc.

Tutorial on how to fold plastic grocery bags into "footballs." Keep a couple in the horse trailer, we never have them when we need them.

RV Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How To Choose the Right Caliber - I always wondered what caliber would be appropriate for a T-Rex!

STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE in a 6'sw FULL LQ 2H+ GN Dixie Star 2013 Demo looking for a home from Montana Horse Trailers

Ever seen a cowboy shower? I hadn't until I got this trailer. It's pretty darn cool! This is what we have in our trailer now after selling our living quarter trailer due to lack of us. It works great, we just put a big rubber tub down to collect the water but I've been wanting to run a tube/hose from it to the outside wall of trailer to drain.

Time to hit the road {pics of my new horse trailer}

Horse Trailer World - Huge Selection of Horse Trailers, Cargo, Trucks GREAT TRAILER, BUT NO AWNING

Featherlite outside kitchen on horse trailer

Organizing Systems, Organizing Products for Barn, Ranch, Horse Trailer

Dry erase board for horse trailer. Checklist for traveling with your horse. All items are written in Sharpie. So it's easy to re-use. This particular dry erase board came with the magnet and pen and was $3.44 at Target.

Living Quarters Horse Trailers Floorplans, Horse Trailers, Living Quarter Horse Trailers

All-in-one: Avanti makes a “complete compact kitchen” that incorporates a (tiny) sink, two electric burners (but no oven), a 3.8-cubic-foot refrigerator (but no freezer) and even a tall, thin storage space. (Useful in a tiny house or even a guest cottage) -- This would be perfect for a renovated camper van.

Coleman® Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove, Camp & Blind Stoves, Outdoor Cooking, Camping : Cabela's

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