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Third Grade with Friends. Great idea for a beginning of the year bulletin board. Letter tiles originally from www.lessonplandiv...

"Roll Over Beethoven...We're Ready to Rock" Classroom Door decor inspired by 1950s music to kick off spring testing.

elementary music bulletin boards - Google Search

Anatomy of a Classroom Poster

Turn this into a music bulletin board. Take pictures of teachers and move teacher around for incentive chart? Theme next year is "Music Around the World", teachers could move around the globe?

This is materials to have a Music Around the World theme. It includes the following items: 17 World posters in 8 1/2 x 11 size: Africa; Australia;...

This was a fun activity to do in music class the first week of school involving the whole school! The kids spent just the last 10 minutes of class coloring their note/musical symbol. I also had a bit of a grade level assignment for them to include. The fifth graders wrote their favorite song title, the third graders wrote the value of the assigned note etc.

Music Classroom Bulletin Boards: Staff Wars

Music Classroom Bulletin Boards: May the FORM be with you!

Great classroom door idea - except they need to be singing "May your days...."

classroom door | Penguin Classroom Door | Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas. LOOK this would be great also in awhile on the first day of winter or something to suprise the child with. i love it :)

This is a great idea for a spring time board!

iSing iPlay Instruments iMake Music iMove iCompose iListen i yi many possibilities!

Room Mom 101: Back to School Bulletin Boards & Themes

Music room bulletin board. Fish bowls and fish name ensemble groupings. 1 fish for solo, 2 fish for duet, etc.

Student-created bulletin board! Each student colors their own note. Underneath: "We are each unique... but together we make a symphony!"

Music Minions Bulletin Board

A Nichols Worth: Welcome to Music Class

My Fall 2012 Music Bulletin Board- original idea- mine- pianogal89! Love how it turned out.

Pursuit of Joyfulness

Pursuit of Joyfulness: Bulletin Board is Ready for Autumn