beautiful food display: clear containers wrapped in linen/burlap + lace

Icing Designs: A Vintage Winter "One-derland" Birthday Party

DIY burlap ottoman. good idea. find an old cheap footstool or ottoman at a thrift store and just cover with burlap or canvas or whatever

DIY Burlap Ottoman -

Cover shoe boxes, or banker's boxes for pretty custom storage. Follow me for great DIY home decor projects!

DIY Custom Burlap Storage Box

embroidery with twine . . . on burlap . . . ? Great idea

Make your own baker's twine, with supplies you probably already have! From A Step in the Journey.

DIY Rustic Rug Of Jute Or Sisal Rope. Hot glue the coils. Sew in key spots for durability. Make the smaller pieces first and then attach them together to get a larger rug.

Writing on burlap= pretty votive candle holder.

Vintage French hemp twine bundles Perfect for wrapping and crafts!

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