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Cake that you will almost literally die over ... super easy ... cinnamon roll cake ... who could ask for anything more?

Pringles Boxes with contact paper for brush holders!!! Yeah

No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. Awesome!

How to do beachy waves in less than 5 minutes: 1. Divide your hair into two parts. 2. Twist each section and tie with a hair tie. 3. Run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. 4. Untie twists, and you're done. I'll need to try this.

GENIUS!! (I had no idea) A standard mason jar will fit most blenders, turning it into a single-serve magic bullet type of contraption. #tips #diy

Leash and treat it!

keep food dry while camping - use baking racks to divide cooler

lock for deck - what a cool idea! no pinched fingers or broken nails! such a good idea!!

Frames distribution: necessary for the artistic-visually challenged people like myself

Nice site for baby organization ideas.

Interesting! Wonder if its true!

101 Almost Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Strawberry cream cheese cobbler 1/2 cup butter •1 egg, lightly beaten •1 cup milk •1 cup flour •1 cup sugar •2 tsp baking pwdr •1/2 tsp salt • 2 quarts strawberries, washed