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Dale Robertson (1923- ) Lt., USA (1942-45) WW II. He entered as a Pvt serving in the Horse Cavalry in 1942. He served as a tank cmdr in the 777th Tank Bn in North Africa. Rose to 1st Lt with 332nd Combat Engrs in Patton's 3rd Army. He was wounded twice. Best remembered for western roles and TV's Dynasty & Dallas series.

Edward P. "Ed" McMahon Jr. (1923-2009). Capt., U.S. Marine Corps, 1943-45, 52-53, WW II & Korean War. Served as a Corsair fighter pilot instructor in WW II, then flew 85 artillery-spotting missions over Korea in a Cessna Bird Dog earning 6 Air Medals. He was later promoted to colonel in the reserves, and BrigGen in the Calif Nat'l Guard.

Steve McQueen....US Marines

Ice-T.... US Army Rangers

  • Danielle Camacho

    I believe ice t went AWOL within his first few years in the Army never made it to be a Ranger

  • Ashly Gravett

    Actually he never served with the Rangers but was stationed in 25TH Infantry Division in Hawaii. He never went AWOL and was discharged honorably.

  • Jacob Roberts

    Yeah... he was a pimp while he was "serving" in Hawaii and I am pretty sure he was discharged after four years as a privet.

  • Dirk Sterling

    He went AWOL in basic because he stole a company rug, and was never a Ranger.

Dennis Hopper....US Coast Guard

TSPDT - Dennis Hopper