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Stars & Famous People who served in the Military

Sean Flynn, the son of actor Errol Flynn, went to Vietnam as a photojournalist for TIME. He was known to hang out with the son of writer John Steinbeck while there. He went with speical force units into the thick of things to get photos; he disapeared in Cambodia and has never been seen again.

Curt Jurgens ( 1915 - 1982) Jürgens was critical of the Nazis in his native Germany. In 1944 he was sent to a concentration camp in Hungary as a "political unreliable". Although he appeared in over 100 films, Jürgens considered himself primarily a stage actor.

Capt. John S. McCain III, U.S. Navy 1958-81 Vietnam War. A 1958 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, McCain served as an A-4 Skyhawk pilot, was shot down over N. Vietnam on his 23rd mission, and was held as a POW for 5 ½ years. He earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. U.S. Rep (R-AZ) 1982-87, U.S. Sen 1987-Present. Republican presidential nominee 2008.

David Adkins (born November 18, 1956)—known by his stage name Sinbad—is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Sinbad served in the United States Air Force as a boom operator aboard KC-135 Stratotankers. While assigned to the 384th Air Refueling Wing at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, he would often go downtown to do stand-up comedy and competed as a comedian/MC in the U.S. Air Force's Talent Contest in 1981.

Montel Williams Williams is a highly decorated serviceman who first enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1974 only to be accepted into the Naval Academy two years later. Williams has 22 years of service under his belt. #clubveteran #montel #williams #military

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Dan Blocker (December 10, 1928 – May 13, 1972) was drafted into the United States Army during the Korean War. He served as an Infantry sergeant in F Company, 2nd Battalion, 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th infantry Division in Korea, December 1951 to August 1952. He received a Purple Heart for wounds in combat

Ed Koch-Army-WW2-1943-infantryman in 104th Div. landed in Cherbourg France, earned numerous medals (Former Mayor of NYC, House of Representatives)

Jack Palance (1919-2006) US Army Air Corps. 455th bomb group. Required facial reconstruction from terrible injuries received in 1943 when as a student pilot, he had to bail out of a burning B-24 Liberator bomber during a training flight over Arizona. Previously he was a boxer.

Charles Laughton-WW1-served with 21st battalion of the Huntingdonshire cyclist regiment and 7th battalion of Northamptonshire regiment. He was gassed during the war. (Actor)

Tom Ridge-Army-Vietnam-Staff Sergeant-numerous medals (Secretary of Homeland Security 2003-05, 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania 1995-01, House Representative)

Tom Tryon-WW2-served in South Pacific 1943-46 (Actor)

Lt. John F. Kennedy and his brother, Ensign Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., circa 1942

Ensign George Herbert Walker Bush

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Commander Richard Milhous Nixon, U.S. Naval Reserve, WWII. Served 1942–1945 on various islands in the South Pacific and Commanded SCAT units in the South Pacific.

Ronald Regan, World War II.

Ronald Reagan in 40s. Which uniform is this??????? - UNIFORMS