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toddler christmas photography - Google Search

Baby birthday idea - 1st yr photo collage This could work for any age. After the party, put the collage in their room!

DIY: Baby car seat blanket << this is genius!

How true! Wesley will always, always be my little boy! Couldn't imagine my life without him! Would love to find a print/pic of to put up in my house.

Santa Letter, for when the kids find out....this brings me to tears.

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! THEY WILL WANT TO WASH THOSE HANDS

Don't have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Just need a box, a lamp and tape.

to get your baby to sleep 8 hours through the night at 8 weeks and 12 hours at 12 weeks. Basically BabyWise but she breaks it down so you don't have to read the book. This stuff works!! Getting your baby to sleep is totally a science. :)

'100 Ways to entertain a toddler'. This Mom has fun (and funny) ideas to interest her toddler. She rates each with a grade to it's success.

On the go Crayon Box - soap box, post it, and crayons. I think this needs to be in my purse, it's pure genius!

By taking over an odd-shaped closet and building in a sleeping platform, you get two "bedrooms" from one small space. The rest of the room now serves as a shared playroom. All the clothes can go into a dresser or wardrobe and you won't even miss the closet.

LOVE the dresser! << love, love these colors, (of course!), these are the cookies of the material I am using for my craft room. Live this dresser & would out not make great storage in a craft room? Hmmmm.....;-)