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Summaries of Book of Mormon stories along with a timeline of all the stories in chronological order.

Introducing the Book of Mormon Stories Series (and a Timeline)

How to Define Pornography for a Seven-Year Old

How to Define Pornography for a Seven-Year Old

Object lesson on making good choices

CHOICES Object Lesson | Mary Rice Hopkins

GREAT FHE ON TALENTS - You will love this. It’s a party. A family party. But not just any family party. A party dedicated to celebrating….really celebrating, EVERYONE in our immediate family. Here’s the thing, though. It is a family party that will work for ANY group – youth groups, Activity Days, even co-workers. Totally applicable – just tweak it to fit your needs.

Activity Days | The Art of Choosing Joy

Strengthen Families, Strengthen Society FHE Lesson LDS. What a great lesson for kids on how to be a strong family member and to love one another

Lesson 28: Strengthen Families, Strengthen Society

All Things Bright and Beautiful: Come Follow Me: What are the keys of the priesthood?

All Things Bright and Beautiful: Come Follow Me: Priesthood Keys

LDS Young Women {Come, Follow Me} June lesson helps for "What does it mean to sustain my Church leaders?" Much more than just handouts! Check out what Latter-Day Village has to offer @ www.LatterDayVill...

Blue Skies Ahead: Family Home Evening. This blog has a ton of family home evening ideas. So fun

Tattling vs. Reporting. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

Lesson on Sharing the Burden- This is a great way to teach your kids to ask for help as well as offer help. Shows them that everything cannot be on one persons shoulders that it's a lot easier if we ask and offer help and work together!

Personal Progress: Oh, the Places You'll Go! socks, (love the places pole)

Little LDS Ideas: {Family Home Evening} Reverence. Great idea using a Mr. Potato head to teach kids how to be reverent. Also uses the story of Moses and the burning bush to teach about showing love and respect for our Heavenly Father.

YW / Young Women Birthday Gift - Elastic Hair Ties We ordered all the value colors in different patterns from Etsy. These were so easy to make and our girls have loved them!

LDS Mormon Spiritual Inspirational thoughts and quotes (27)

Really good yw ideas. I like the birthday idea and the personal progress suckers

What We Did in Mutual: Combined YW Activities RS and YW competition on life skills

LDS Mutual Activity - Pirate "Treasures of Heaven" Hunt with links to clues and pirate hat/eye patch tutorials