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Seong Ji: Korean & German [mom] + Trini & Puerto Rican [dad]

Peighton: Black & Cherokee [mom] + Creole & Puerto Rican [dad]

Isabella: peruvian [mom] + jamaican [dad]

Savion: irish [mom] + black [dad]

Aliyah: white [mom] + 1/2 black 1/2 german [dad]

Ji'len: black [mom] + white [dad]

Krystal: black [mom] + el salvadorean [dad]

Daniel: black [dad] + el salvadorean [dad]

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Amare's: Hawaiian, Filipino & Chinese [mom] + Black [dad]

Layla: Mexican & White [mom] + Kurdish [dad]

Anabella Marie: Mexican [mom] + Palestinian [dad]

McKensey: Chinese [mom] + Puerto Rican [dad]

Ah'mari: black [mom] + puerto rican [dad]

Norwegian [mom] + Korean [dad]

Alex (Lexxy) Murrillo Jamaican [dad] + Peruvian [mom]

Daniel: African American and El Salvador

Anthony: Salvadorian (Spanish and Native American), Black, French

Yuri "Lily" Lee: Ukrainian, Korean, Brazilian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Irish, Greek, British, and German | someone's parents have decided her fate already...

  • kim young

    Stream Bradley Eidum1 month ago Ahhh look its a half breed or should i say mutt. mutts are allways cute they come in all tiypes and colors seriously she looks more like a mexican to me defenitly does not look likelike any of her other races gross she has enough races in her to decorate a christimas tree this kid is defenitly not one of the most beautifule children out there ya wright i have seen kids way prettier than her oh and news flash it does not matter how pretty one thainks there kids are theres allways still someone else who is just as pretty or prettier and this child is not the only pretty kid in the world give me a break obviously her parents are a little bit conceited and clearly arragont this kids going to be in for a rude awakening when she gets older when she realizes she is not the only pretty girl out there and people are not allways going to pay attention to just her and that happens to some of the most beautifule girls out there sometimes if you dont thaink so thaink again. Oh and try not putting your kid on a little pedistool yes shes pretty but she needs to be recognized for something other then her looks like you know who she is as person otherwise all she has is her looks and guess what looks fade eventually but anyways for being a halfbreed mutt she is pretty have a nice day

  • kim young

    http://media-cache-ec0.pini... pic of real looking Asian white babies

  • kim young

    this is what real half Asian half white babies look like baby's who actually look like a half Asian half white baby should look click the media shows the pic

  • kim young

    more real looking Asian white baby's oh ya and there not Mexican either they actually look like an Asian white ba should

Starlet Lee: Ukrainian, Korean, Brazilian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Irish, Greek, British, and German

Tyler: White + Indian + Scottish + Irish

Auburn: African-American [mom] + German & Irish [dad]

Ethan [black + white]

Bentley [Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Indian, Irish, German, Swedish & European]

Aaliyah [Hispanic + Asian]