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Skeleton embellished jean decoration. SO RAD!!!!

Leg skeleton decoration jean_Trousers_CLOTHING_Voguec Shop

Floral Skull Shirts over my sports bras.

Cut down the sides and tie at bottom.

Betsey Johnson Warm, Fuzzy Feelings Socks in Grey by Betsey Johnson - Grey, Tan / Cream, Better, Variation, Knit, Novelty Print

Help me find these super cute..

ADDIDAS on The Hunt

12Colors Lady Soft Warm Winter Stretch Skinny Tights Leg Pantyhose Legging Pants | eBay

Autumn Warm Winter Women's Nordic Deer Snowflake Knitted Leggings Tights Pants | eBay

The trick to longer lashes!! Take a clean mascara brush and dip it in Vaseline just before you go to bed. Wash it off very gently in the morning and within a week you should see results.

Love this lace top.