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Mobile Gazette

Mobile Gazette

News about new and upcoming smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini - not really a mini version of the Galaxy S5 at all

Nokia X2 - Microsoft's first Nokia device runs.. Android!

Amazon Fire - Amazon's first smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Range - two new high-end Android tablets

Sony Xperia T3 - Big screen phone, modest price tag.

HTC One E8 - a cheaper, simpler (and maybe better) version of the HTC One M8.

Samsung Z - Samsung's first Tizen smartphone

LG G3 - an almost impossibly big screen and blazingly fast too.

HTC One Mini 2 - is it really a mini version of the One M8?

Motorola Moto E - Moto's new entry-level device redefines what a value smartphone can do.

Biggest handset disasters.. Part 2

OnePlus One - a premium device without the premium price tag?

Retro: The 8-bit computer that spawned the phone in your pocket

Nokia Lumia 930 - Nokia's latest almost-flagship gets a lot better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 range

HTC One M8 - a useful boost to the original HTC One

Siemens UMTS concept phone

Siemens UMTS concept phone

Siemens UMTS concept phone