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Girl Scout 'SWAP' Ideas

One fun Girl Scout tradition is sharing SWAPs. These 'SWAPs' (or Special Whatchmacallits Affectionately Pinned somewhere or Shared With A Pal) are cute pins made to share with other Girl Scouts. A fun ice breaker at large events or a special way to remember new friends by.

Emergency disguise kit hat craft trader. Bent wire and fun fur.

Girl Scout Swaps: Mini cupcake liner + teeny clothespin = butterfly!

Washer necklace with yarn - neat! I think we'll use yellow yarn and make the sun.

Since I had several emails about these little guys here directions on how to make them:These are really cute and easy to make. What you need are 2 to 3 inch long head pins (you find them in the jewelry making section of your craft store), a pair of nail clippers to cut the head pin, a large pearl bead, black and orange acrylic paint, clear sealer, small brush, tooth pick, jingle bell and DMC embroidery floss and a clip finding (you'll find these in the jewelry section as well) and various sm...

black socks - song My girls LOVE this song!

Saturn SWAPS with foam "Nerf disc" rings of glitter and pompom. "Girl Scouts are out of this world."

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“Girl Scouts come in all colors, shapes, and sizes

Portable pet hermit crab :) Luckily, I found the perfect containers at Dollar Tree- 8 for $1.00!

Gag Gift Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle Novelty Link goes to etsy site, but the picture is pretty self-explanatory.

Girl Scout Swaps aka special whatchamacallits affectionately pinned somewhere - american flag pony bead pattern

Red, White, and Blue Design Pony Bead Pattern

Canteen SWAPS- another use for discarded water bottle caps!

Mini Canteen Scout SWAPS Girl Craft Kit - Swaps4Less

Halloween or Harry Potter-book SWAPS-the broom is fake fur

Mini Witch Broom! Scout SWAPS Craft Kit- Swaps4Less

Girl Scout Swaps 19th Amendment Scrolls 10 Pins | eBay Pinned for inspiration

Girl Scouts SWAPS

Cotton Candy swap, cotton candy, food, cotton ball