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Cherokee Prayer

I am very proud of my heritage!

This photo taken in North Carolina in 1888, shows a Cherokee cabin that is very representative of the homes in this region during the 19th century. The United States federal government forced about 16,000 Cherokee and hundreds of other Native Americans to abandon their land in NC, GA, Tenn, & AL and move to OK in the late 1830's. Brett Riggs, an archaeologist at the University of NC, is uncovering the remains of farms and homes in the mountains of NC, that the Cherokee left behind.

Orphaned boy, cherokee grandfather, and apalachan mountains area... What could be better?

Unelanuhi, the Cherokee sun goddess, is one of the few female sun deities found throughout the worldwide pantheon of goddesses and gods. Originally the earth had no sun: it was Spider Woman who pulled Unelanuhi into the sky from the underworld after the other animals had tried and failed. Although she belongs to no one, she is lovers with her brother, the moon, and they chase each other through the heavens. Her name means "apportioner," for Unelanuhi creates time with her movement through...

cherokee tie bracelet

amazing grace in cherokee simply beautiful~the voices are like the sound of an angel~~