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fall art projects

Art Projects for Kids: 2nd grade

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Corndinsky Corn Ears - Art With Mr. E Kandinsky style

"Corn"dinsky Corn Ears - Art With Mr. E

2nd Grade "Tree Silhouette" paintings. Elementary Art. Tempera over charcoal. Art teacher Jennifer Lipsey Edwards-value

Busy Mom's Helper: Family fun, food, recipes and crafts.: 12+ Fall Crafts for KIDS

10 Best Fall Crafts For Kids I need inspiration for an Arts Smart class in Nov.

DIY: Tree from paper bag. Did these in my classroom and I had the kids dip their fingertips in fall colored paint (white during winter) then touch the branches. Great 3D art project!

Simon Says Stamp Blog!: Pencil Stamping!

Tissue Paper Fall Leaves in the art journal with metallic sharpie drawings

fall art projects | ... this beautiful tree silhouette art lesson from art projects for kids

This whole blog is amazing, but this particular lesson was a fun to apply in my home. We did the craft with Hearts for valentines day. Pumpkin carving is a great example of this lesson too.

For the Love of Art: 2nd Grade: Scarecrow Texture Collage (3day lesson)

For the Love of Art: 2nd Grade: Scarecrow Texture Collage

Symmetry leaves elementary art education 4th 5th grade chalk pastel radial symmetry autumn fall repetition pattern lesson

Final example of Word, Shape, Pattern art lesson for fall.

Fall Landscape Art Lesson-- these were simple and turned out very pretty

Simple Landscape. space. depth. overlapping. size. placement. seasons. 2nd. 3rd. paper. pen. sharpie. watercolors

uses tissue paper and paper towels...a great lesson for Earth Day!

Jujujems Art and Photo Studio: Fall, Foliage, and Fibonacci

Fall- Words, Shapes, and Patterns. My 5th graders did these for the first fall art lesson using colored pencil. Draw shape on 9" x 12" paper, fill it with the word label, use color and patterns to fill in. Used words like: bat, cat , pumpkin, witch, candy corn, pumpkin pie, acorn, leaf, any fall words will do.