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the first car phone

retro iPhone covers

1970s, cassette tape based, Telephone Answering Machines

Telephone Booth...on the campus of The University of Oklahoma (My Alma Mater)- Norman, OK

It's called the '80s Retro iPhone Case.' People are really missing these clunkers???

How come Kirk's flip phone is always on 'speaker'?

This one is very similar to the gray brick of a phone I had in high school. "Strictly for emergencies" Which really meant that it was an electronic dog leash from mom. Texting was disabled and the minutes plan and reception sucked, however, it survived all sorts of calamities newer phones did not.

The Brick is the first commercially available mobile phone in the U.S., the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, is introduced. *My sister had one very similar to this one!