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Amazon's offering students with a valid .edu email address a free year of Amazon Prime, which grants buyers free two-day shipping on any item they buy, no minimum purchase required, and some exclusive email deals. Amazon asks you to provide a college and major with your student sign-up, so they're not just looking for an .edu address.

1000 Life Hacks

im going to address everything like this :)

A lot of uses for this idea... mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it the glue will dry clear

Fundraising idea: $1 per piece of duck tape. Bahaha who can we do this to? I bet we could raise quite a not of money for new uniforms if we taped PNutt!!

Everything you need to know about packing like a pro!

nail polish tip- refrigerate your nail polish for 15 minutes before use to make it go on more smoothly

Going on a cruise and don't want to spend a fortune on drinks? Pour your vodka in an empty Listerine bottle, add 3 drops of blue food coloring and 1 drop of green. Wa-la! You now have a 5th of vodka to use for your beverages!!! If you drink a dark liquor, like whiskey, simply use the white listerine bottles! useful...

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