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6 Secret to a Smooth Move | Design Mom

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Etiquette | Wedding Planning, Advice & Etiquette

"website has a "Recycle Your Wedding" section where brides can sell decorations from their wedding. Worth a look before you buy 80 square vases." One day I'll be glad I pinned this.

BBJ Linen: How to Fold a Napkin Linen Rental Menu - YouTube

BBJ: Highboy Overlay with a Bow - YouTube

How to Tie a Rosette on Highboy Cocktail Table - YouTube

mens suit breakdown. Good to know

Mango is delicious, but having to peel and cut a mango can be a hassle. This video shows a simple step-by-step way to cut a mango.

if you ruin a brush with dried paint, just soak it in Murphy's Oil for 24 to 48 hours and it dissolves all the paint and makes it like new.

Use a pencil sharpener to sharpen chalk to a fine tip for pretty chalk writing (this works so well)

Good Idea: How to hang art. "Fool proof". Arrange paper templates, nail them in, rip paper off, and hang picture on nail! Young House Love - One young family + one old house = love.

How to Fix a Dried Out Sharpie..most of the time, according to this website, it is the nib that is dried out, not the ink! Soak in alcohol... My brother and I did this as kids, it works.