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Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Infinity KNIT by NerdAlertCreations - I think Olivia would like this.

Skyrim - Tips, Tricks and Secrets! {Part 2} - Imgur

They're faces are so accurate. Sam is all like, "Follow me brethren!" Castiel is like, "I trust you Sam, but why is this necessary? I don't understand." Dean is like, "You guys are lucky I love you", but on the inside he's like, "I CAN FINALLY LIVE MY DREAM AS A BALLERINA!!!" And Bobby is just in the back like, "Damn Idgits. Lucky they're family or I would kill them.

Jane Austen quotes- true then, true today One of my favorite ladies.

Just finished reading the first one and it's so good!

Reading this right now. Love me some Le Guin!