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Cheryl Hankins Workman

Cheryl Hankins Workman

I am a Housewife and mother to 4 furbabies. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and making jewelry. Check out my site.

Love defined by Disney. This is perfect.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 101 Pics

  • Janice Vann

    True, Amen...

  • Francene Goulding

    Patience comes once you are able to understand a fact or truth.When you grasp a truth creates room for possibility to occur but misunderstanding truths creates contention within self. This leads to impatience but stilling the mind and taking time to ponder the journey focusing on the goodness of God in your life thus far gives hope. Looking within self not outside of self in your moment of solace or creates an atmosphere for peace in order to endure this place of being in-between.

  • Francene Goulding

    As we walk with God, we move not to the beat of our drum but God's because his plan for our life is greater and more fulfilling than what we had in mind. We are not our own because we belong to God, the master of all things. He knows what is best for us and he gives us the opportunity to make it right since we were doing things wrong. We wait for him because we trust that he will fulfill his promises. If he came through for our forefather Abraham, he certainly will come through for us.

  • Charlene Hayes

    amen bless got you are talking to me god bless you

  • Cassidy Lynn

    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments‚ô•

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