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Animals Express The Real Feelings

Life's tough, get a dog (63 photos)

Baby bear steals fish from pelican

ohhhh! basket of Irish setter puppies!

Hall Irish setter Puppy Photos July 2010

So cute

That's the cutest little puppy

I been using my cup holders wrong all this time...

Pup holders... - The Meta Picture

This is hilarious.

Funny Pictures - 55 Pics

A baby kangaroo in pajamas….don't even act like your day didn't just get better

A baby kangaroo in pajamas…

apple bacon dog treats

Apple Bacon Dog Treat Recipe

Foods toxic to Yorkies and most dogs (good reminder and some I did not know) #provestra

Foods That Are Toxic To Dogs

Three cheers for nap time.

I lasted a few weeks before Rufus and now Spike were sleeping on the bed (and I actually will move if they are sleeping on my pillow so that I dont disturb them)

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hello handsome

Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr, [via]

Dachshund Golden Retriever Mix... Easily the cutest dog (other than Kodah & Cookie) I have ever seen... Literally cannot handle the cute...... I need him.