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Shel Silverstein warned me about this... I have been prepared :)

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But do I pin this to my book board or my Doctor Who board? What the heck; I'll pin it to both.

(Jeffersons Sons: A Founding Fathers Secret Children- Kimberly Bradley) YA historical fiction based on what life was like for Sally Hemmings and her children, living at Monticello. (A-)

Thandie Newton as Sally Hemmings in "Jefferson in Paris" (1995). My favorite costume era: colonial/georgian.

sequel to Sally Hemmings...Harriet, the daughter of Sally and Jefferson leaves Monticello at 21 to pass for white.

Sally Hemmings, The Novel - reading this now as part of a Sally Hemmings series through our university. Fascinating.

OK???????? OK!!!!!!!!! | The One Detail You Missed In "The Fault In Our Stars" While You Were Crying Your Eyes Out @Samantha

"19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand | Buzzfeed." This should seriously just be problems only Potterhead book nerds understand

I need a good book and a relaxing weekend! elizabeth gilbert quote

8 Fantastic Books for Teachers

On the Dirty Plate Trail: Remembering the Dust Bowl Refugee Camps - Sanora Babb, Douglas Wixson, Dorothy Babb


Honestly, i'd like to think i'd be divergent, but in all seriousness i'd probs be amity. Or factionless. Maybe factionless.

Divergent Inspired - Faction - Divergent, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Candor or Erudite - CHOOSE ONE Double Sided Aluminum Bracelet on Etsy, $20.95

the fault in our stars Pretty much sums my reaction up @Samantha

Who ever knew the word okay would never be the same? Lol, now I feel like Ron Burgandy! The Fault In Our Stars @Samantha

The fault in our stars- a new favorite of mine :) :)