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Chicken Toy Idea -you can buy this at the Dollar Store in the Toy area

chicken toys ??

Tree house chicken coop. Adorable!

NEW BYC Sponsored Study: Increase Chicken Broodiness By Up To 48% With Aluminum Foil

How to get good clean eggs from your backyard chicks

5 Steps to Get the Best Eggs Possible - Hobby Farms

Super 'Cheep' -n- Easy DIY Chicken Boredom Buster Toy!

KEEP OFF ! The funnels were 1 at Walmart (auto dept) and make it impossible for them to perch on top!

DIY Thread - Let's see your "Inventions".

How to build a simple jungle-gym for your chickens

DIY Chicken Jungle Gym

Blue Fauvacauna- Olive eggs- 6-7 a week!!! Winter hardy, docile, bears confinement well....NEED THIS ONE!!!

Blue Favaucana from My Pet Chicken

Chicken Treat to Beat the Heat

The Things I Love: Chicken Treat to Beat the Heat

Chicken Feeder, look close at the bottom where the feed comes out... smart!

How to Raise Chickens - All about Raising Organic, Backyard Chickens

awesome chicken waterers - and you can keep them refrigerated in the summer to give cool water

I created a play area for my girls out of coated metal closet shelves. You can find them at Home Depot/Lowes type of stores. They love them and climb them like ladders. mydestinysharingh...

My farm life | My Destiny Sharing Hope

The Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Laying Hens | eHow

If you've got egg laying chickens, are you making them earn their keep? Sure, they give you eggs, but they can help out around the yard, too!

5 Ways to Put Your Chickens to Work For You

Homemade Chicken Feed-- whole grain, soy-free

Organic Homemade Chicken Feed. - The Elliott Homestead

DIY Plastic Bottle Chick Feeder - Made from two soda plastic bottles, simple diy project.

Eliminate the Cost of Chicken Feed - planting and establishing a chicken ecology

Free Chicken Feed for Raising Chickens

Cake for the Chickens! -Community Chickens

How to Make a Chicken Waterer Here's an easy and super cheap way to make a chicken waterer. You can possibly make it for free, using all recycled materials. (I made mine for $1.00 because I found a cake pan at a dollar store.)

How to make a chicken waterer

Compost pile in the chicken run.

Chickens Get Bored | HenCam