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Every war brings new advances in battlefield technology, and among the many developments from 1914 to 1918 was the combat debut of the armor...

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A sign expressing regret for Hurricane Camille's destruction lies on a pile of rubble in Waveland, Miss., that used to be a post office. August 1969

The S.S. Ancon leaves the west chamber of the Gatun upper locks and enters Gatun Lake along the Panama Canal in this August 15, 1914

The Panama Canal Celebrates 100 Years

In 1915 Della Crewe and her dog Trouble decided to see the USA by motoring from Waco to NYC. Amazingly enough she made it. She drove a total distance of 5,378 miles. On a Harley-Davidson.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand (seated, in hat) and his wife, Sophie, on the day they were assassinated, Sarajevo, June 28, 1914.

"Shacks, put up by the Bonus Army on the Anacostia flats, Washington, D.C., burning after the battle with the military. The Capitol in the b...

FDR - at St. Blasien, Germany, taken by Sara Delano Roosevelt. 1896.

FDR - in Germany with bow and arrow. 1892.

President Eisenhower throws out the first ball at a game between the New York Yankees and the Washington Senators at Griffith Stadium in Was...

Eleanor Roosevelt greeted by King George and Queen Elizabeth at Paddington Station upon arrival in England. Malvina Thompson in background. October 23, 1942.

Cleveland welcomes LBJ! -from the LBJ Library, Photo ID 12-18-WH64.  10/8/64.

On 2 July 1942, most of the children of Lidice, a small village in what was then Czechoslovakia, were handed over to the Łódź Gestapo office. Those 82 children were then transported to the extermination camp at Chełmno 70 kilometers away. There they were gassed to death. This remarkable sculpture by by Marie Uchytilová commemorates them.

Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, 1950s

People sit on the curb amongst the confetti, tickertape and paper from the parade celebrating the end of WWII in NYC on VJ Day. August 14, 1...

Former presidents George H.W. Bush and son, George W. Bush

Ich bin ein Berliner Thousands watch Kennedy give a speech on June 26, 1963, in West Berlin, Germany. Kennedy’s support of a democratic West Germany was central in the Cold War, a conflict that defined the Kennedy administration.

Today in history, President Kennedy signed the 1963 Equal Pay Act, which aimed to reduce income disparity between the sexes. 6/10/63.

FDR and Winston Churchill, fishing at Shangri-La, May 1943.

March 5, 1917. Woodrow Wilson and his wife Edith Bolling Wilson riding in the backseat of a carriage on their way to his second inauguration...