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Mazzy's Pins

My three-year-old daughter meets Pinterest. These pins are the result of her search requests, her selections and her quotes exactly.

Mazzy is a flower girl today and asked me to make this triple braided bun for the occasion. Wish me luck!

Triple Braided Bun With Flower Crown - Barefoot Blonde
  • Ash.

    Saw your pics on Instagram, great job!!

MAZZY: Look at that one! It's Elsa and Anna when they were kids building a snowman! I think Elsa is three and Anna is two. ME: How old is Olaf? MAZZY: Hahaha! Olaf is just a snowman! #mazzyspins

  • JoAnn M. H.

    just so you know, my three year old wont let me scroll down now.

"I want to look at Frozen cakes. THAT ONE! I like it because it is Anna and Elsa. Stuck together. Yeah. Thats all I want to say about it." #mazzyspins

"GASP! Look at that! Is it good??? I like the little pink butterfly. It's all pink." #mazzyspins

"Ah!!! Tinkerbell! I love her dress. It's a cake with a toy in it, right? I want to say something else about it. There is a little white on the bottom and she is wearing a black headband. It's Tinkerbell without her wings. And she's not a fairy. She's a princess!" #mazzyspins

Night Baking: tinkerbell doll cake

Mazzy: "That's Elsa and that's Anna and that's Sven and that's Olaf and who's that?" Me: "Christoph?" Mazzy: "Oh, yeah. Christoph. That's right." #mazzyspins

"OH!!!! Look at that Frozen cake!!!! Look that's Olaf without his head. And you know what his body says? It says- Why did you fall off? Come back here!" #mazzyspins

Cupcake's house: Frozen Cake
  • Maria Chilson

    Hi Mazzy, I just had my third birthday. It was Frozen themed, I see you like that movie too. I now have lots of Frozen stuff. From: Reagan P.S. This is my mom's tablet, but I use it to watch Let it Go ten times every day:-)

Mazzy: "Do you know what Olaf is saying? He's saying- I don't have a skull!" Me: "How do you know that from the picture???" Mazzy: "I don't know. I just do." #mazzyspins

"What is that skiing guy made out of? Strawberries, chocolate, banana and orange????" #mazzyspins

  • Miss Pete

    I always read your hashtag as "Mazzy spins" and picture her spinning around in the excitement of candy skiers, pink cats, etc.

"Ooooooh... I see something....Look at those... PRINCESSESS!!!! I think those are upside down cupcakes." #mazzypins

"Hello Kitty! I want to taste one of those! Yumyumyumyumyum. Mmmmm. Delicious!" #mazzyspins

"Princess lollipops! And look! There's Sophia!" #mazzyspins

"I want the sprinkle popsicle!!!" #mazzyspins

Funfetti Pudding Pops {sprinkles!} » Rachel Cooks

"That's funny because the cat is inside a real cone. Because he's little!" #mazzyspins

"Oooooh! That's a pretty popsicle!!!!" #mazzyspins

Mazzy: "What's your favorite flower, mom?" Me: "I like pink peonies." Mazzy: "What's a peony?" Me: "These." "Mazzy: "OOoooo! I like peonies too! They are so PINK!" #mazzyspins

"Look at that! That cake has a castle!" #mazzyspins

"Look at that one! I like it because it has a crown on it. It's GREAT." #mazzyspins

Mazzy: "STUNKS!" Me: "Skunks." Mazzy: "That's what I said. Peeee-ewwwww." #mazzyspins

ZooBorns: Skunk