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Knitting Tips & Tutorials

Theresa Gaffey's Magical Seaming Technique

Knitting pattern "heart of Pico."

DIANE von FURSTENBERG iPad Case - Printed Lips | Bloomingdale's

Brioche Stitch - Knitting Tutorials: Purl Bee. The best tutorial I've found yet. Easy to work through and after a couple of rows you are on your way!!

50 Free Crochet Stitch and Technique Tutorials ✿Teresa Restegui

Fair isle chevron

WIP: Acadia Lopapeysa

Learn how to knit buttonholes; plus other knitting tips from TLC

HowStuffWorks "Knitting Buttonholes"

inspiration and realisation: DIY fashion blog: DIY - how to make a knitting pattern using Excel

Knitting Stitches - The Bee Stitch and Knitting 1 Below - this is a nicely textured stitch with a waffle texture. Also -- it's really just a variant of Garter Stitch, so it's very easy to make.

Stitch Patterns: The Bee Stitch and Knitting 1 Below

Knot Stitch - Just the right amount of texture to use in an otherwise stockinette stitch garment! From The Weekly Stitch

Knot Stitch | The Weekly Stitch

Used a paper towel holder to put my yarn and be able to use both ends of the yarn for 2-string loom knitting with no hassle. Effective!

Selecting Yarns that Go Together (Complementary Colors)

Free Crochet Patterns: All About Yarn

Knitting tutorial - How to Graft Stitches Head to Side. This is so important if you want to graft dropped sleeves onto the front & back of a sweater. I use this all the time and it really makes a smooth join.

How to Graft Stitches Head to Side - For Dummies

Wonderful instructions for seaming knit fabric. Different ways for different reasons.

Mochimochi Land « Tutorials

handy chart.

Knittrick: calculates all the numbers when your gauge does not match the patterns'

Knittrick — Knitphisticate

FREE on line -> Sweater Pattern Generator. Just select the style, yarn, and size. and hit go. Presto change-o, done. No need to buy a wheel, its online!!!

The Elizabeth ZImmerman Sewn Bind Off Technique

Two types of yarn overs are demonstrated here - a yarn over preceding a knit stitch and a yarn over preceding a purl stitch. Every knitter should have both in their knitting know-how!

peacock knitting.....multi-figure example

When increasing twist first stitch to avoid hole on increase / Фото #29 - Технология - Inna-Mina

How To Knit a Neat Selvage. Knit to the last stitch of each row and bring the yarn forward before slipping it. The result resembles a line of knit stitches running up the side of the piece, not unlike a bound-off edge.

1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book: May 2009

Technique Thursday — Ysolda One row buttonholes

Technique Thursday

How to carry yarn through the knitting when knitting stripes.

Rochefort Chapeau

Crochet or Knitting - How to Increase and Decrease Evenly Across a Row The Perfect Formula shown three ways to choose from.

How to Knit in the Round with Magic Loop

How to Knit in the Round with Magic Loop