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Knitting Tips & Tutorials

Two types of yarn overs are demonstrated here - a yarn over preceding a knit stitch and a yarn over preceding a purl stitch. Every knitter should have both in their knitting know-how!

When increasing twist first stitch to avoid hole on increase / Фото #29 - Технология - Inna-Mina

How To Knit a Neat Selvage. Knit to the last stitch of each row and bring the yarn forward before slipping it. The result resembles a line of knit stitches running up the side of the piece, not unlike a bound-off edge.

1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book: May 2009

How to carry yarn through the knitting when knitting stripes.

Rochefort Chapeau

How to Knit in the Round with Magic Loop

How to Knit in the Round with Magic Loop

Miraculous elastic bind off

Slip Slip Knit » miraculous elastic bind off

5 Common Knitting Problems

5 Common Knitting Problems - The Knitting Circle

How To Knit Purl Continental

  • Irene Henrikson

    All the noise and sounds of something scraping in the background is very annoying. It sounds like some kind of construction is going on.

KNITFreedom: How To Purl On Magic Loop - Correct Magic Loop Purling

How to Insert Thrums in Your Knitting - step by step pictorial

How Insert Thrums in Your Knitting

How To Do Mattress Stitch: Vertical Seams

Mattress Stitch Tutorial: Vertical Seams

M1(make one) When patterns call for M1

Learn To Knit-M1 or Make One

4 Ways to Decrease - LoveKnitting Blog

4 ways to decrease

Put Her In Reverse. For those who hate to purl. Knitty: Summer 2006

Knitty: Summer 2006

How to: Intarsia | Knit A Bit, Crochet Away

Knit A Bit, Crochet Away: How to: Intarsia