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Früher war alles besser. Vor zwei Minuten zum Beispiel, da hatte ich noch eine Tafel Schokolade.

Schlafe heute Nacht bei offenem Fenster!

Als Umweltaktivist fahr ich auch gern mal mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit. Selbst, wenn es eine Quälerei ist, das Ding in the Kofferraum zu packen.

Save up to 100% when you don't buy anything.

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After watching copious amounts of crime dramas I've come to the conclusion that serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and panties sets. Feeling much safer now

99 little bugs in the code. 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around. 127 little bugs in the code...

"If there were cellphones at the Red Sea," by Keren Keet

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Tupperware is so handy for those times when you feel like throwing out your food another day.

I may be the black sheep of the family, but smoe of the white sheep aren't as white as they try to appear.

I must say that I quite enjoy being the black sheep of the family. Black sheep are the prettiest don't show the dirt as much as the white ones.

Minion Star Trek: What are eyeglasses on Vulcan called? Spocktacles