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You wish - washer - dryer - folder

What i say vs what my kids hear

My name is Dorothy and I nominate the Wicked Witch of the West to take the ice bucket challenge.

Amanda Patterson (Reading Humour)

Annual Rhyme Dance - poor orange!


Before text messages - these were the good old days

I can't get out of bed these blankets have accepted me as one of their own,and if i leave now,i might lose their trust.

I don't know who this dog is or why he is banned from this park but he certainly seems like a lot of fun.

"Structurally, the building is fine. But sadly, the earthquake destroyed all of our art pieces." National Museum of Etch-a-Sketch Art

Did you know? Not many people know this but your car has a secret device on it called and 'indicator'. If you look at your steering column, you'll find a secret stick, which will activate a flashing orange light on the outside of your car. It flashes to let other drivers know in which direction you are thinking of fucking going.

Air Plane Seating

Venn diagram: Where you’re sitting, on the plane

Murphys law for moms. And if you vacuum they will immediately spill a large container of sunflower seeds and accidentally crush it into the carpet while surveying the damage. ...

Murphys law for moms, funny moms - Dump A Day

Well, well, well ...

Intelligente Sätze zu verfassen ist nicht so einfach. Schon ein einziger Buchstabendreher kann den ganzen Satz urinieren.

The perfect European should be ...

APH - The perfect European by Mezzochan on deviantART

Typewriting while driving | The interweb just became interesting.

Perfekt aussehen muss man nur, wenn man sonst nichts kann.

The world is not full of assholes. But, they are strategically placed so that you'll come across one every day..

This is Australia. There are 1275 Animals that could kill you in this picture.

Looks like everyone is online.

Looks Like Everyone Is Online

Mathematician food fight

Marketing Funnies: One For the Analysts and Actuaries

18 Things That Don’t Make Any Sense/Are Pretty Fun

18 Things That Don't Make Any Sense

isn't everyone in love with their digital device?