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Kindergarten Science Ideas

Matter Sorting Cards

Matter Sorting Cards

Matter Sorting Cards {{Freebie}}

Matter Sorting Cards {{Freebie}}

Set up a simple science experiment for kids to learn about what dissolves in water and what doesn't.

What Dissolves in water? ~ Learn Play Imagine

After a class discuss on what a scientist is and their jobs you can have the students get into groups and fill out this form of what a scientist can do, what they are, and what they need to make sure the students understand what a scientist does.

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Science Fun!

The coolest science experiment for kids ever! How to blow up a balloon using soda - this is amazing fun for kids of all ages.

Balloon Experiments with Candy ~ Learn Play Imagine

Grade ONEderful: School Weather Poem

Grade ONEderful: Weather Poem

anchor chart seasons- could be used with an art activity to visually represent the seasons- or tied in with a calendar for the months

Weather...could do this with a KWL chart and have students write on raindrops the "K" and then maybe lightening bolts or clouds the "W's" they want to learn about. Then in the end, snowflakes or tornados with what they learned for the "L"!

Classroom Freebies: Weather

Seasons chart. Make something like this for Emma. She's been talking about seasons at preschool already. Maybe even do a nature walk and collect things that signify each season (though what would we do for winter)? Leaves/flowers for fall/spring, sand for summer...

Today In First Grade: September 2011

Is It A Tool Or A Toy? Beginning science!